Where does this information come from?

Most information on this website comes from the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the organisation that regulates solicitors and law firms. However, some information has been added by the Law Society and some may have been edited directly by the professional, firm or their representative.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority is responsible for keeping the register of organisations and the people it regulates. Find a Solicitor takes data about these organisations and people and presents it through this website.

What information comes from the SRA?

The SRA provides the Law Society with names and contact details which includes:

  • the name of the organisation or individual
  • SRA identity number address
  • website and phone numbers

Information added by the Law Society

The Law Society adds additional information to this data to make Find a Solicitor a more helpful reference source. This includes additional features such as location and maps, together with details of Law Society accreditations and contact details of non-solicitors who are members of accreditation schemes.

Information added directly by solicitors or law firms

Professionals, their firms or representatives shown in this search have the options to change or add:

  • telephone number
  • email address
  • website address
  • summary and biographical information
  • areas of law practised
  • languages spoken
  • details of social network accounts

Adding this information is optional and it will not appear on all pages.

Learn more about the SRAs guidelines for consumers using law firms.