Using quick search

The quick search allows you to search for a law firm or other regulated organisation by popular legal issues and postcode or geographic location.

You can select the quick search using the quick search tab.

Quick search


Just choose a legal issue from the list and add your location, either as a postcode, town, city or country.

Quick search

Quick search refineYou can use the More options button to search by hearing loop, wheelchair access and British sign language, and find solicitors that speak another language. Click search.

Once your search results are displayed, you can narrow the results by using the filters in the refine pane on the left-hand side of the screen.

You can refine your legal issue and choose only to show firms that hold a Law Society accreditation. Find out more about the Law Society's accreditations.

You can also see disabled access and languages options underneath.

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Using pro search

The pro search enables you to use more criteria to build your search. Click on the right-hand tab to load the pro search options.

Pro search


You can search for a specific person or organisation by name, location (postcode, town, city or country) by SRA ID and the up to two areas of practice.

The More options button gives you access to search by Law Society accreditation (quality mark), hearing loop, wheelchair access and British sign language. It also allows you to search by firms and individuals who speak a specific language.


Pro search fields


In-house refineIf you are a solicitor who works in-house, in a government department or local authority, ensure that this option is ticked to include these individuals in your search.

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Searching for accreditations (quality marks)

The Law Society operates a number of voluntary accreditations (quality marks). These award a quality mark to an organisation or an individual who meet the highest standards of expertise and client service in specific areas of law or practice management (how they run their business).

Members of the Law Society's accreditations (quality marks) include Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) regulated organisations and individuals and also include non-solicitors. For example, the Family Mediation accreditation is open to qualified mediators. As they are not providing a legal service, they are not regulated by the SRA. They are still, however, required to satisfy all entry criteria before being granted the Law Society's accreditation.

When you see one of our accreditation scheme logos, you'll know that the skills and knowledge of the organisation or individual have been rigorously and independently tested.

Quick search - Once your search results are displayed, refine your search (by using the filters in the left-hand side of the screen) to only show organisations that hold an accreditation.

Pro search - Use the More options button to choose the name of the accreditation scheme(s) that you wish to include in your search.

Accreditation name Who is it awarded to?

Type of legal work accredited

Lexcel Practice Managment Standard Entire organisation Adoption of best practices in law firm management and care
Conveyancing Quality Scheme Part of an SRA regulated organisation - Conveyancing / residential property department Buying, selling and renting property
Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme Part of an SRA regulated organisation - Wills and probate department Making a will or advising on inheritance after the death of a relative
Children Solicitor or Chartered Fellows of the Institute of Legal Executives (CFILEX) Issues concerning child care and custody
Clinical Negligence Solicitor or CFILEX Claiming on behalf of individuals who have suffered injuries in the course of medical or dental treatment
Criminal Litigation Solicitor, barrister, solicitor with higher rights of audience or CFILEX Defending criminal charges
Family Solicitor or CFILEX Handling legal aspects of family problems
Family - Advanced Solicitor or CFILEX Handling more complex legal aspects of family problems
Immigration and Asylum Solicitor/non-qualified caseworker in an SRA or Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) regulated organisation Visas and residency issues
Immigration and Asylum - Advanced Solicitor/non-qualified caseworker in an SRA or The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) regulated organisation More complex immigration issues
Mediation - Family Solicitor or non-solicitor Resolving family matters without going to court
Mediation - Civil and Commercial Solicitor or CFILEX Resolving business or personal disputes without going to court
Mental Health Individual solicitor, caseworker, barrister or trainee solicitor Handling issues arising from mental illness and incapacity
Personal injury Solicitor or CFILEX Claiming on behalf of victims (or their dependants) who have suffered personal or fatal injuries
Planning Solicitor or CFILEX All aspects of property planning for commercial and residential properties


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Search results page - organisations

The organisation search results page shows firms that match your search criteria.

Office results show its accreditations (including Lexcel - the legal practice quality mark) and whether an organisation holds any accreditations that are relevant to the areas of law for which you searched. Find out more about Law Society accreditations (quality marks).


Office results


Results are shown for the nearest 25 miles to your location, and there are up to 20 pages of results.

If there are not enough or too many results, you can search again by changing the location in the search box at the top of the page.

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Profile page - organisation

The profile page for an organisation shows its contact details, including DX address and the disabled access facilities.

Accreditations (quality marks) held by the organisation, or by someone at the organisation are shown on the right hand side of the screen. You can use the buttons above the accreditations to send the firm an enquiry, or add it to a shortlist to compare up to 20 organisations at a time.

Organisations can choose to personalise their profile further by adding additional information, including: summary about the firm (tagline), full biography, and links to other information about the practice online, such as their LinkedIn page, Twitter accounts or other blogs or websites that they maintain.

Click on the Show arrows at the bottom of the page to see more information about this organisation, the areas of law that the firm practises, its people and office locations and the languages spoken.


Office results

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Profile page - individual

The profile page for a solicitor shows their contact details, the areas of law they practice and the languages they speak. It also shows the logo for each accreditation that is only held by that individual.

Individual solicitors can choose to personalise their profile by adding additional information, including: personal summary (tagline), full biography, languages spoken and links to their social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter or a blog or website that they maintain.

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